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Wood Choices

Wood Choices

Oak Wood

Red Oak features a wide, coarse grain. The ridges of this distinct grain adds an unique element of simplistic beauty to your furniture and home. This grain also serves well in hiding any possible dents that may occur over time. It is a very forgiving wood, making it an excellent choice for dining room tables and any area of a home that is used daily. Whether you are looking at a small bread box or dining room set this sturdy timber is sure to encase and create a masterpiece.

Pine Wood

Eastern White Pine has a broad, curving grain with unique knots of different sizes and shapes. As a soft wood, pine does have a tendency to dent quicker than other woods. Its construction and structure however is strong and secure, the wood readily joins together to create a strong bond that won’t be easily broken. This wood absorbs stain easily, and tends to look darker than other woods in the same stain.

Maple Wood

Soft Maple, despite its name does have a similar durability to oak wood, both are more resilient than pine wood. Stains blend well on maple’s smooth grain, creating a flawless, even surface for your life. It’s beauty and strength often are used in dining room and bedroom furniture. We work with two different types of Maple wood at Peaceful Valley, Wormy Maple and Brown Maple.  

Wormy Maple contains natural wormholes that appear randomly throughout the wood, its grain darkens around these “holes” creating both character and natural beauty. If you looking for a unique conversational piece, Wormy Maple is a good fit for you.



Brown Maple features features a fine grain and smooth surface, that appears rich and elegant.


Cherry Wood

Cherry promises a simple, straight grain, similar in appearance to maple yet more consistent —  a timeless look that transcends changing trends. Because of its consistent grain and durable design, cherry wood is a great choice for any type of indoor furniture. Cherry furniture is known to darken as it ages (especially within the first year).

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