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Poly Wood

Poly Lumber boasts a durable construction, long-lasting quality, and splinter-free composition. Ideal for those with less time for upkeep or maintenance, Poly furniture promise years laughter and enjoyment while also withstanding the most harshest of summer and winter weather.


When choosing your poly swing, keep in mind where your swings will be: under the sun or in the shade. Lighter colors don’t attract as much heat from the sun while darker shades do. White doesn’t get hot all. On the other hand, light colors will show dust and dirt quicker.

Most of our customers are attracted to the simple beauty of the chocolate and weathered wood combination for their poly swings. These two shades look stunning together, acting as a soft palette for the bright colors of nature.

 TIP: If you can't chose a color, we can do any combination of two colors as well!

Our second most popular poly color combination is burgundy and weathered wood, a unique way to add bold color while still maintaining a subtle beauty with the weathered wood color.


Cleaning your poly furniture is relatively effortless. All you need is a few minutes and water, maybe a gentle soap. Stay away from cleaners with harsh chemicals that could damage the poly. Most poly swings can be cleaned within minutes using only a garden hose.

You may need to invest more into your initial Poly wood purchase compared to their counterpart of Pressure Treated Pine because the Poly lumber tends to run more costly.

Poly furniture promise little-to-no-maintenance with a long-lasting quality of Poly lumber.